Lupino talks about Lupinizam, the Apocalyptic Vision of his Paintings and Sculptures and its Relevance to Today's Global Issues

 Lupino speaks on his art, Lupinizam, the Apocalypse, his works which depict Cataclysmic themes in his work




Lupino Speaks on Varazdin Sculpture

Lavina’s reaction caused Lupine’s idea that his already second sculpture, which he intends to give to his hometown, was placed on the site of a partisan monument in front of Villa Bedekovic. The administration of the town of Varaždin was closed for official comment.

Considering the reaction of the public and the manifestation of the City of Varaždin, which states that the city administration and the mayor have nothing to do with this initiative, nor were they acquainted with it at all, we asked Lupina to explain his idea. In a telephone conversation, he told us that he was not a “right-winger”. Moreover, he is “generally not interested” in politics.

“Everyone who knows me knows this, and because of this, I am surprised by negative reactions. It’s incredible how much we are a politicized society! I continue to argue that this monument has no artistic value, regardless of its symbolic and historical significance. However, it’s only about my idea, the proposal … Ustasha and Partisans have to stop, the division … Two years ago, I presented the “Croatian dialogue” to talk about this”, Lupino says. “I’m in an uncomfortable position”

He also sent us photographs from the exhibition he mentions, which depict his painting of the symbol of totalitarian regimes. Categorically, on the other hand, he claims that he did not talk about this with anyone from the city administration, nor with the mayor Ivan Cehok, who, as he says, is extremely appreciative:

“Because of the people who see something negative in everything, I am now placed in an unfavorable position towards the people from the city of Varazdin and the Mayor who has an interest in art. He has always come out to meet me so far. I repeat, this was my idea born in an informal society, in which there was no one from the city administration. There I went to school”, continues an upset Lupino.

He notes that the same discussion took place about the Capuchin Square or the position of the White Horse. According to the idea this morning – when his sculpture came in front of Villa Bedekovic, the monument to a Partisan fighter would have been transferred to the Varaždin Memorial cemetery to the Partisans, which this artist finds more appropriate.
“In the end, the Varaždins decide, and as for the monument to the WWII fighter, it is now neglected. It needs to be renovated and given a more convenient setting. Give it a point of importance, and use my sculpture to aid tourism”, concludes Lupino who knows how to raise the image of his artistic work.

Lupino Sculpture Unveiled in Varazdin


TV Coverage of Lupino’s Statue Unveiling in Varazdin

Having acquired international fame with art photography, Ivan Lepen, the Varaždin artist, better known as Lupino, has been recognized as an author – sculpture for the last years. One of them, named “Flying Venus,” is now donated to his hometown.

In the author’s childhood street, a three-meter tall sculpture of  metal plates was sculpted and a new face was given to a much visited piece of town. Her sister has been in exhibitions already this summer in Vienna together with pieces by Chagalle, Picasso, Miro and others. Lupino’s pieces ahve been on display with those of these great artists for a month.

“And now I have made another version, a bit bigger, similar to be placed here in Varaždin”, reveals the author of the sculpture.

“Flying Venus” is inspired by my philosophy – “Lupinizam”, the author’s name for the inspiration that points to creativity.

“The focus is on the human body. Photography was not enough for me so I felt the need to express myself in other types of art. I first started working on paintings and moved to sculptures’, says Lupino, who has also exhibited his sculptures in the galleries of New York .

The inauguration of “Flying Venus” was oveseen by the mayor of Varaždin Ivan Čehok

“It was logical that Lupino would donate this to the city of Varaždin and that she be right here in Blažekova street where he grew up. So, it’s just an incentive for other artists to designate the city’s public spaces, that is, for art and sculptures. Of course, their idea and creation are free, and the city will take care of rolling out more, that is, installing more such artistic artefacts.

Artists thus have the opportunity, without public contest, to present their outdoor works and to revive the urban space.

Author: Paula Poljak – Morandini / VM
12. 12. 2017

Lupinizam 2017 - Fall Exhibition at Max Momentum Munich, Germany

Lupino is keeping busy with his third exhibition this year. He has taken Lupinizam from New York to Austria and now to Germany with his latest exhibition in Munich. Here, he is presenting for the first time some of his latest pieces in the Apocalyptic World series (2017) described by the Munich gallery curators as follows:

“The Legion stands for resistance against evil through free expression and art. Both sacred and blasphemous elements stand beside this “Army of Resistance”, facing up to human prejudice, depicting suffering and not least, a message against polarising political ideologies. They are loud and disturbing, provocative, yet seductive and aesthetic, challenging the viewer with uncomfortable notions of human existence and consciousness”.

Lupinizam 2017 - Summer Exhibition at Kohlhammer Meringer, Vienna

Lupino went to Vienna to show his pieces at the Kohlniger Meringer Art Gallery where he showed for the first time the Flying Venus to great acclaim.

Lupinizam 2017 - Summer Exhibition at Bruner and Stumvoll, Graz Austria

Lupino took Lupinizam to Austria this Summer and has curated a number of pieces from his photography, paintings and latest sculpture collection. The event is already a huge success and is being talked about all over town.