Lupinizam 2016 - Fall Exhibition in City Museum, Zadar

Lupino exhibited in Zadar, Croatia in Fall 2016 with items from his extensive and ever-growing collection of Lupinizam pieces.The exhibition was always busty and helps to spread the Lupinizam philosophy.

Lupinizam Summer 2016 - Split State Gallery - Eros and Thanatos Exhibition

Lupino exhibited in Split during the Summer of July and August 2016at the State Gallery where his work was on display next to that of Picasso and Chagale, a testament to the artist’s standing as one of the important artists of the early twenty-first century.


Lupinizam 2014 - Skopje, Makedonia Exhibition

Lupino exhibited in Skopje, Makedonia by invitation of the State Government.

Lupinizam 2013 - Varazdin Exhibition

Lupino exhibited his Lupinizam works spread across photography, paintings and sculpture in Varazdin. Exhibits included elaborate chairs, sculptures of tortured torsos and metal and wood-fused pieces illustrating the complex inter-relationships between themes of mortality and passion, nature and artifice.