Apocalyptic World (Study #5) – Stephan Lupino

Apocalyptic World (Study #5)

From the Apocalyptic World Series, this piece depicts companionship and human love in the inseparable bonding of the two figures at the time of death.

Product Description

From the Apocalyptic World Series, this is Study #5. Created over the summer in 2017 in his studio in Zagreb, this piece will be familiar to lovers of Lupino’s painting of couples and lovers. Lupino depicts an entwined couple, inseparable in the face of death. Lupino has faith in the power of relationships. Despite this turbulent world we live in, love – if it can be found – is a bond that defies all. The earthy colours reflect humankind’s earthbound roots, the female figure a fiery figure in contrast to the male form. At the end of life, what is more comforting than to face your life partner and eternity together.