Apocalyptic World (Study #4) – Stephan Lupino

Apocalyptic World (Study #1)

From the Apocalyptic World Series, this piece portrays a more sophisticated, urbane approach to doomsday and echoes common themes of the female form and nature in bloom. This study portrays an acceptance of fate and an indeterminate destiny.

Product Description

From the Apocalyptic World Series, this is Study #4. Created over the summer in 2017 in his studio in Zagreb, this is an extraordinary piece carved to show the beauty of the female form in a single piece of wood in earthy green. Lupino plays with the medium extending the head into a blooming flower. We all must face death even if some of us are still in the prime of life. The colourful patinated detail suggests a formal gown. Unlike other studies, this form is neither cowed or defiant but has an urbane sophistication in her preparation for doomsday.