Apocalyptic World (Study #1) – Stephan Lupino

Apocalyptic World (Study #1)

From the Apocalyptic World Series, this piece is fashioned in patinated walnut and echoes common themes of the female form and fire.This piece portrays an acceptance of fate and an indeterminate destiny.

Product Description

From the Apocalyptic World Series, this is Study #1 in. Created over the summer in 2017 in his studio in Zagreb, Lupino reinterprets an earlier work cast in bronx. The style is an overt reference to one of Lupino’s most popular pieces – Woman on Fire -currently on exhibit in New York at the Domenico Vacca Gallery.The study in walnut and metal depicts all the passion of the female form entrapped by a metal neckpiece hair on fire. At the same time, this indomitable figure has a strident, defiant pose. Lupino captures the power of a passionate woman fused in walnut facing the apocalypse with no signs of fear or bowed spirit.