Apocalyptic World Study #2 – Stephan Lupino

Apocalyptic World (Study #2)

From the Apocalyptic World Series, Apocalyptic Angel #1 (2017) is created from a poplar tree and echoes common themes of the female form, winged angels, and the stark beauty of nature on the cusp of destruction.

Product Description

From the Apocalyptic World Series, this is the second study entitled Apocalyptic Angel. Created over the summer in 2017 in his studio in Zagreb, Lupino reinterprets his earlier themes of angels in his paintings. The winged female figure poised to take flight but moribund is a common stylistic device of works inspired by his Lupinizam movement. Lupino captures the tension of the beauty of the natural human body fused in a beautiful patinated poplar wood medium. The fiery apocalyptic colour portends disaster in this hapless fragile figure.