Another World (Study #6) – Stephan Lupino

Another World (Study #6)

The pieces in this collection are a departure from earlier work by the artist fusing nature, the female form and religious and spiritual motifs of torment. These are aliens with a strange beauty from another world. Their distant, cold gaze looks beyond our world. In their chilling presence, the emptiness of the universe is striking. At the same time, viewing these figures together in one room, there is the sense of a community and a generation – witness the Mother and child Study – and some comfort can be tqken from companionship, no matter how chilling. Study #6 is in wood not acrylic and was created in 2017. While not part of the core series, it has been grouped with Another World to illustrate the artist’s fondness for recreating and reinterpreting earlier works in multiple media.

Product Description

This is one of multiple studies from the ‘Another World’ series (2016).Study #6, created in 2017, is an extension of the series in a wooden medium rather than in acrylic. Lupino is fond of experimenting with reworkings of earlier ideas in new media.