Lupinizam 2017 - Fall Exhibition at Max Momentum Munich, Germany

Lupino is keeping busy with his third exhibition this year. He has taken Lupinizam from New York to Austria and now to Germany with his latest exhibition in Munich. Here, he is presenting for the first time some of his latest pieces in the Apocalyptic World series (2017) described by the Munich gallery curators as follows:

“The Legion stands for resistance against evil through free expression and art. Both sacred and blasphemous elements stand beside this “Army of Resistance”, facing up to human prejudice, depicting suffering and not least, a message against polarising political ideologies. They are loud and disturbing, provocative, yet seductive and aesthetic, challenging the viewer with uncomfortable notions of human existence and consciousness”.

Lupinizam 2017 - Summer Exhibition at Kohlhammer Meringer, Vienna

Lupino went to Vienna to show his pieces at the Kohlniger Meringer Art Gallery where he showed for the first time the Flying Venus to great acclaim.

Lupinizam 2017 - Summer Exhibition at Bruner and Stumvoll, Graz Austria

Lupino took Lupinizam to Austria this Summer and has curated a number of pieces from his photography, paintings and latest sculpture collection. The event is already a huge success and is being talked about all over town.

Lupinizam 2017 - Spring Exhibition - Domenico Vacca, New York

My Spring New York exhibition was a great success in the excellent company of my friend Domenico Vacca and other old and new friends.

Lupinizam 2016 - Fall Exhibition in City Museum, Zadar

Lupino exhibited in Zadar, Croatia in Fall 2016 with items from his extensive and ever-growing collection of Lupinizam pieces.The exhibition was always busty and helps to spread the Lupinizam philosophy.

Lupinizam Summer 2016 - Split State Gallery - Eros and Thanatos Exhibition

Lupino exhibited in Split during the Summer of July and August 2016at the State Gallery where his work was on display next to that of Picasso and Chagale, a testament to the artist’s standing as one of the important artists of the early twenty-first century.


Lupino 2016 - Domenico Vacca New York

The Domenico Vacca Art Gallery in new York opened to great acclaim this month with an amazing Fire Woman sculpture from artist Stephan Lupino at the entrance of the flagship store. Other pieces by the artist are dotted around the store and exclusive club. #thedomenicovacca

Lupinizam 2014 - Skopje, Makedonia Exhibition

Lupino exhibited in Skopje, Makedonia by invitation of the State Government.

Lupinizam 2014 - Ralph Pucci, New York

Lupino exhibited at the prestigious Ralph Pucci gallery in 2014.

Lupinizam 2013 - Varazdin Exhibition

Lupino exhibited his Lupinizam works spread across photography, paintings and sculpture in Varazdin. Exhibits included elaborate chairs, sculptures of tortured torsos and metal and wood-fused pieces illustrating the complex inter-relationships between themes of mortality and passion, nature and artifice.